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Throughout the pregnancy


Trust your partner. Throughout pregnancy she is going to be closer to feeling what is happening than you can ever be. Remember that and remember how much you love and trust her.

Pregnancy what a man experiencesWorries you may have and how to deal with them.

Supporting your partner and protecting your child.

{This Section will give you a view of what to expect from a pregnancy. It will help to prepare you for the role you will need to play and how to play it. The objective is to discuss your responsibilities, what you will need to change in your way of life, what to look out for, and what to do if difficulties arise.}

Hers how to avoid it
Stress is a recurring theme throughout this book as it is:
a) Actively harmful to the pregnancy
b) Avoidable.

There is more on stress under lifestyle below as some of the changes you will make to your lifestyle can either increase or decrease your (and her) stress levels depending on how you make them. What we are going to look at here are the changes during pregnancy that can cause stress for your partner, and so cause her to stress you. We are also going to think about ways you can try to alleviate the things she is going through and so create a less stressful environment for both of you.

Causes: Restrictions on what she can do
Causes: unpleasant effects on her body
Cf What to expect while she is pregnant
Causes Worries she may have
Tactics: Things to help her with
Tactics: Pampering

Yours how to cope

What to expect while she is pregnant

Fat, smelly and beautiful, or what you should expect of a pregnant woman.
There are many significant changes to a woman’s body throughout the pregnancy. Many of them are more properly the subject of books to tell her what to expect. While these may be mentioned in the relevant sections of this book they are not the subject of this chapter. What I am mentioning are things you may notice. These are worth spending some time thinking about for two reasons:

1. So you can consider how you will react and if it is not positive what you should do so as not to hurt your partner.
2. So you know what you are getting yourself (and your partner) into before you begin.

Weight gain (well duh!)
Cravings: real or imaginary
Giraffes (or not all cravings are for foods)
Memory problems/forgetting what she promised to get you.
Changes in sense of smell (more or less sensitive both possible)
Indigestion and toilet problems including waking you every hour as she goes to pee, or making the toilet awful when she finally gets past a week of constipation. NB meshes with a nausea that means you may be cleaning up, and can coincide with incontinence.
Bleeding gums leaving the shared toothbrush a funny colour.
Tendency to thrush and similar conditions.
Bigger breasts (covered with veins)
Stretch marks
Emotional outpourings
Excessive tiredness which looks like (but is not) laziness

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